Did you know that you can have your regular General Practitioner (GP) at SiO Health Services? Our GPs’ are located at our three health centers, and all of our GP’s have many years of experience working with students.

Sio-Helse - Foto Svein Finneide-33
  • All our GP’s specialise in general medicine, or they are about to specialise. 
  • Our GP’s are located at St. Olavs gate 32, Holbergsgate 21 and Nydalen. Find our health centers here.
  • The public health nurse and travel vaccinations are part of our health services. 
  • If your health expenses exceeds NOK 350, - per calender year, you may apply for a refund  
  • Patients can book appointments online by SMS and telephone
Who can get a regular GP at SiO? 

All students with a Norwegian personal identity number (or "D-nummer") who has paid the semester fee, can apply to register.  

Sounds interesting? Find your new regular GP here.